Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Copenhagen: Print School

Grey Midi Dress - New Look
Neon & Monochrome Printed Top - Topshop
Studded Leather Jacket - Zara
Black Cut Out Leather Boots - Miss Selfridge
Black Croc Bag - Charity Shop
Dainty Rainbow Bracelet - Buvy

Hello Strangers!
I apologise for being absent from my blog for quite a while - a week and a half can seem like 2 years in the internet world can't it? I was super busy sending out orders and attempting to pack at the beginning of last week. But I did set up a couple of scheduled posts to hit the web while I was out of the country - as you can tell they didn't work! Any-who I am back from amazing Copenhagen with a couple of outfit posts in the pipelines. After 2 hours sleep and a 2.30 am start, we arrived on Thursday at about 11 am. We spent the beginning of our trip cat-napping and then we tried to get our bearings with a mammoth walk into town. These photos were taken on Friday, we planned to go to a Zoo we had read up about online before leaving. They had polar bears there, and an underwater tunnel where you can see them swimming (see photo collage below) - it was so amazing! We stumbled across a hedge-maze on the way to the zoo, which was so pretty. We got lost trying to find the middle and gave up ha ha.

I bought this midi dress in the New Look sale just before I left. It's clear that I'm a midi dress fiend, and if it's stylish and comfy then, well, just get into my wardrobe already. It was a bargain at only £7 and I love the length as it is slightly shorter than my other midis. I threw over my new neon and monochrome printed top, to add a little dimension to an otherwise plain outfit. My bag was also another massive bargain that I got just before I left. My usual go-to-handbag is quite big and as we were only allowed one bag of hand luggage on the plane, this became an excuse to search for a new but small everyday/goes-with-everything-bag that I could throw into my suitcase last minute. I was going to head up to Birmingham to look for one, but I walked past a charity shop and thought I would take a look. I found this beautiful one in there for a minuscule £3! It was perfect for my trip and I wore it all holiday - which you will soon see in the following outfit posts! I added some new bracelet designs to my shop at the beginning of last week - the rainbow bracelet is one of them, you can check out the other's here.

I'm off to watch Hangover III tonight - so excited!
I hope you are all having a great week.
Love Pav xxx


  1. I think I'm in love with your bag! It's so lovely!xxx

    1. Aww thank you! It was a pretty good find for only £3 :) xxx