Saturday, 6 April 2013

Monochrome Magic

Black Midi Dress - Asos
Faux White Leather Gillet - H&M
Jeffrey Campbell Litas - Oxygen Boutique

So first of all, apologies for the moody face in the above picture, apparently red lipstick acts as some sort of glue resulting in me being unable to smile. Also I wasn't just casually having a nap while taking blog photos - I was looking at the ground, at... urmm... something really interesting? Ha ha. Not sure what's going on with my hands either, mid-action maybe? 

Anywayyyys now onto the interesting stuff. I got this dress through yesterday from the lovely postman Pat, after going on a bit of a splurge on Asos. And I love love love it, I have a similar midi length, clinched waist one from Toppers, so I knew this would fast become a favourite in my wardrobe. I thought I'd go all monochrome by adding my little white gillet, and spice it up a little with a red lip. Monochrome is such a classy colour palette and it really doesn't matter what size, age, height etc you are, or even what style you have, everyone can pull this cheeky trend off.

That's all for now. Hope you are having a lovely Saturday.

Love Pav

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