Friday, 15 March 2013

Cotton Candy

Ivory Knit Jumper - H&M
Pink Skater Skirt - The Moving Rail
Black Jacket - Forever 21
Black Leather Boots - Miss Selfridge
Gold Bangle - Forever 21
Mint Green Bracelet - Buvy

I am officially hating on my wardrobe at the moment. I think it may be highly due to the fact that this time last year I was on Bournemouth beach as it was SO hot. Maybe I am just hating British weather more than my wardrobe haha. In a bid to persuade a bit of sun to come our way I've stepped away from the burgundies, khakis and all black ensembles of AW12 and lightened up my colour palette with this gorgeous cotton candy coloured skirt. I got this quite a while ago from an Asos Marketplace boutique called The Moving Rail, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be online anymore. As I used to sell some of my clothing designs and I still sell some of my handmade jewellery on Asos Marketplace and Etsy, I tend to shop on these sorts of sites quite a bit, mainly because I am on them a lot when I get orders etc, but also because it's really great to support other people trying to make a living out of making and doing - like I am. I've been quite busy the past week making lots and lots of bracelets for a new retailer I am working with, which is super exciting. I've got a few more bracelet designs to add to my Etsy store, which I am taking photos for today and will hopefully be up by the beginning of next week. 

Hope you are all having an amazing Friday.

Love Pav xx

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