Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Bunny

Black Button Up Shirt Dress - H&M
Oatmeal Knitted Cardi - H&M
Black Leather Boots - Miss Selfridge
Gold Bar Necklace - Forever 21
Rings - Etsy & River Island

So I spotted these cute bunny ears with a Lindor bunny egg and I promised I would wear them all day today if my boyfriend bought them for me haha. We went out today to test a new lens he got for his birthday last weekend, we only actually took a couple photos as he was running with his camera and nearly dropped it! One tiny scratch on that lens and it would have been £300+ down the drain. Luckily he managed to do some sort of crazy gambol roll and took most of the fall on his knee. We decided to call it a day after that, so these are the best photos of the bunch. They're just abit of fun, so hope you have a giggle looking at them.

I went for a super cosy outfit as we were just chilling today and then having a family dinner this evening. I literally love this dress, it's such an easy throw on item but instantly looks smart and classy because of the button up shirt top. Teamed with the comfiest cardi ever which goes with pretty much everything. It may not be the most inspiring outfit ever, but it works for me on a lazy Sunday. I'm planning on doing more outfit posts a lot more frequently. I hope you're enjoying my blog so far :)

Happy Easter everyone!

Love Pav xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Buvy Bracelets

As I mentioned in my last post that I would be adding a few new gems to my Etsy shop, I thought I'd show them off to you. All of the bracelets I make are super dainty, and I like to stick to the same materials, so work with delicate beads, pretty cottons and cute charms. They are absolutely perfect for gifts, as all bracelets come gift wrapped with gorgeous cream card packaging and the option of a personalised message for your loved ones. Everything is handmade by myself, as well as packaged and posted by me. Single bracelets range from £4 to £6 and come in an option of 5 pretty colours. I came up with the name Buvy, as my name Pavendeep is supposed to be pronounced Buv-un-deep and my Mom and Sister call me Buvy for short. I thought it was personal enough to be the name of my brand without being too obvious and ordinary. I hope you enjoy this post, be great to hear what you think. I'm working on some outfit posts to get up for the weekend.

Have a great Wednesday

Love Pav xxx

Friday, 15 March 2013

Cotton Candy

Ivory Knit Jumper - H&M
Pink Skater Skirt - The Moving Rail
Black Jacket - Forever 21
Black Leather Boots - Miss Selfridge
Gold Bangle - Forever 21
Mint Green Bracelet - Buvy

I am officially hating on my wardrobe at the moment. I think it may be highly due to the fact that this time last year I was on Bournemouth beach as it was SO hot. Maybe I am just hating British weather more than my wardrobe haha. In a bid to persuade a bit of sun to come our way I've stepped away from the burgundies, khakis and all black ensembles of AW12 and lightened up my colour palette with this gorgeous cotton candy coloured skirt. I got this quite a while ago from an Asos Marketplace boutique called The Moving Rail, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be online anymore. As I used to sell some of my clothing designs and I still sell some of my handmade jewellery on Asos Marketplace and Etsy, I tend to shop on these sorts of sites quite a bit, mainly because I am on them a lot when I get orders etc, but also because it's really great to support other people trying to make a living out of making and doing - like I am. I've been quite busy the past week making lots and lots of bracelets for a new retailer I am working with, which is super exciting. I've got a few more bracelet designs to add to my Etsy store, which I am taking photos for today and will hopefully be up by the beginning of next week. 

Hope you are all having an amazing Friday.

Love Pav xx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Neon Dreams

Black Chiffon Camisole - Topshop
Neon Skater Skirt - Handmade by Meeee
Jeffery Campbell Litas - Oxygen Boutique
Gold Wrist Cuffs - Ebay

One of my friends came to me with a request a couple of weeks ago. She had seen an AH-MAZING image online of a super stylish girl, wearing a bright neon skater skirt, with a cutesy, lace, high neck top. As she is hosting a party this weekend, she thought this would be an incredible outfit for the event. We both searched the internet high and low for this elusive neon skirt. I eventually found the exact match on the Nasty Gal website, but to my friend's dismay it was sold out. So I offered to make it for her - at least she knew that nobody else would turn up in the same outfit. I dusted off my pattern maker and sewing machine and got to it. It's turned out really well, and SO similar to the original image, so smiles all around. I took these images quite quickly, and made them into my first ever GIF, which I love haha.

Hope you're having a happy week.
Love Pav xxx