Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Love Box

Printed Cardboard Box - £2 - John Lewis
Sweet Bags - Handmade by Me
'Mix Tape' CD Envelope - Handmade by Me
Valentine's Edition Love Inspired Bracelets - £11 - Buvy
Barry M Nail Varnish: Gold Glitter & Mint Green - £2.99 each - Superdrug

To celebrate this Valentines, I decided to make my three BFFs a little gift each. I saw this super cute heart and flower printed box in John Lewis and thought it would be lovely to fill with some goodies. They do it in a medium and a large size - I've gone for the medium as I already had an idea of the gifts I was going to put in it. I mocked up the little sweet bag toppers on photoshop one evening and they turned out so cute! I was thinking about maybe selling them on my etsy store, and maybe doing some Mother's day and Birthday ones - leaving the bag empty for you to fill with whatever you like.

I had the girls over last weekend and I'd made a playlist of old r&b songs for us to listen to while we got ready - they loved reminiscing so I thought I'd make them a CD each to put in their cars. I made the Envelope by ripping a page out of an old magazine - I tried to go for something a bit Valentines-y with these beaut red lips and soft waves (a look I might try myself this weekend)

Next up are Buvy bracelets. Buvy is my own project, I design and make delicate, dainty bracelets and sell on Etsy and Asos Marketplace. I put together a love inspired set for a super cute arm stack this Valentines. My girls are always asking for new ones, so I know they'll love this.

And whoooo doesn't love a good Barry M polish - I'm a bit obsessed with them if I'm honest, I must have over 40 (oops) Can't wait to buy from the *new* textured collection which go on sale in stores tomorrow - there is already the 'Station Road' yellow on the superdrug website. It's not my fave colour out of the 4, I think I'll go for the 'Rigley Road' mint green or the 'Kingsland Road' peach - knowing me I'll probably go for both ha ha.

I hope you enjoyed my gift ideas :)

Love Pav xxxxx

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